Monday, September 29, 2008

Being The 26th of September 2008

City Folk Club Mission Statement...

We live in challenging times that are subject to constant change and uncertainty.

We are having to get used to living in different ways, being more flexible and effective whilst maintaining the standards and behavior that society expects.

Here at the City Folk Club we have been working hard to provide a wide range of options to meet the demands of these difficult times.

We hope you will find something of use in the services we offer...

Today the City Folk Club is a very different organization from it's inception, over 107 years ago.

Originally the City Folk Club began life as a small U.K. based group with just a handful of employees and voluntary workers.

From modest beginnings we have grown to be the leading organization in our field, expanding to world wide proportions.

Now our client base have a wide choice of how they can implement the City Folk Club's methods and practices in everyday life.

We always welcome feedback on our ideas, and remain ever vigilant.

Now over to Marcel Marceau to introduce this weeks goings on....


Everything Is Fine: David
And I Love Her: Bill 1:2
Last Of The Great Whales: John
Next Time Around: Eddie
Joan Of Arc: Jane/Dave
My Darling/Gillian's Apple: Mick
I'm Tired Of Running Out Of Your Back Door When Your Old Man Comes Back Home: Peter
Rose: Jasmine
The Cock Linnet Song: Ray
Sheep Crook And Black Dog: Anne
I Will Be There: Olivia
Never Any Good: Mike
By The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree: Bill 1:1
There But For Fortune: Lynda/Paul
My Little Rovin' Sailor: Jenny/Bill 1:1
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Paul
Ritchie Graham: Colin
Stoking The Fire: David
Emerald Dew In The Morning: Bill 1:2
Sweet Reconciliation: John
My Lady Of Autumn: Eddie
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry: Jane/Dave
Julia Cliffin/Din Tarrants: Mick
What Colour Is The Wind?: Peter
I Wish I Was Back On The Farm: Ray
The Bonny Light-Horseman: Anne
Pattens: Mike
What Should I Write: Phine
Island Of Dreams: Lynda/Paul
?: Bill 1:1

Watch out for video evidence of this evenings performers which will be posted on this blog in a kind of ad-hoc way until then you can find them all here:

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