Monday, October 13, 2008

Being The 10th of October 2008...

Strange events stop the cogwheels of reason and plunge us into the silver lake of dreams...
In our own time a strange event which is widely known but none the less a cause of wonder, provides proof of the existence of an upper sea overhead...It occurred on a feast day in Great Britain, while the people were straggling out of their parish church after hearing high mass. The day was very overcast and quite dark on account of the thick clouds. To the people's amazement, a ship's anchor was seen caught upon a gravestone with a rope attached that stretched upward into the air...The people were advancing various opinions on the matter to each other when they saw the rope move as if it were being worked to pull up the anchor. Since, being caught fast, it would not give way. A sound was heard in the humid air as of sailors struggling to recover the anchor they had cast down. Soon, when their efforts proved vain, the sailors sent one of their number down; using the same technique as our sailors here below, he gripped the anchor-rope and climbed down it, swinging one hand over the other. He had already pulled the anchor free, when he was seized by the bystanders...
 He then expired in the arms of his captors, suffocated by the humidity of our dense air as if he were drowning in the sea. The sailors above waited an hour, but then, concluding that their companion had drowned, they cut the rope and sailed away...   
(Gervase of Tilbury, Otia Imperialia, 12th century)

The above bears no relation to the events at the C.F.C...
I just like it...

Amongst the evenings gruntings, squawkings and twangings I'm convinced I heard the following:

Please Help Me I'm Falling: David
The Old Durham Road: Colin
The Sleepy-Time Blues: Mike
Mrs. Casey/Jocky To The Fair: Bill 1:1
Fiddler's Green: Ray
Blackwaterside: Anne
Hey Baby: Berry/Ken
The Very Thought of You: Brenda/Berry
Out of the Blue: Mick
Les Joies d'Amour (The Joys of Love): Jane/Dave
Hold The Past With Love: Roger
Don't Call Me Louise: Mike
High Holiday: John
The Man In Green: Antony
The Old Lady of Padstow: Mave
While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping: Ken
A Rustic Lesson: David
Ama Pola: Brenda/Berry
Whiskery Bob: Mike/Yvonne
?: Mike
Leaving Nancy: John
Somebody Stole My Gal: Berry
Banks of Green Willow: Bill 1:1
The Fields of Athenry: Ray
Black is the Colour: Jane/Dave
Dark Eyed Sailor: Antony
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood: Anne
The Merry Blacksmith/The Banshee: Mick
Further Along: Roger

I'm sure you'll all want to send your best wishes to Gerry Flintoff who recently suffered a heartattack and wish him a speedy recovery...

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St. Anley said...

Sacre bleu, Monsieur!

La plume de quelque chose, coupe d'etat et vingt-et-un! J'ai peur d'ecriver soixant-neuf dans le blog.

'Les joies d'amour' should surely be 'PLAISIR d'amour'.

Desole, can't do acute and grave accents in this medium, even if I could remember where they're supposed to be!