Saturday, October 18, 2008

Being The 17th of October 2008...

 STICK WIGGLING! Are you a Water Witch? Do you have the gift of stick wiggling? It’s simple to find out. Leave your hat out in a field overnight. In the morning if you find it full of snakes you have what it takes to become a douser. Cut yourself a green fork of peach tree or witch hazel. Take one prong firmly in each hand. Walk slowly back and forth with the fork held out in front of you, parallel to the ground. When you cross an underground stream, forgotten well, or pocket of primordial ice the stick will twist violently downward. Commence digging!

THE POWER OF THE PENDULUM! Can’t find peach trees or witch hazel in your local enchanted forest? Make a pendulum! T.C. Lethbridge found that by hanging a weight on the end of a string many things could be found below-ground just by walking paces about his garden and observing the pendulum’s motion. Different string lengths find different things. Shorter lengths find metals: brass, copper, lead. Slightly longer may uncover truffles, sweet potatoes, rare purple carrots. At forty inches Lethbridge’s pendulum located death. He further reported that strings over forty inches in length began to pick up the shapes of unseen dimensions.

GOLD DOODLEBUG! To turn your water dousing stick into a gold hunter simply hang a gold ring from the end of the stick. To find buried treasure split the end of the stick and insert coins of various metals. Try swinging a pendulum over a map of your hometown to find out who’s thinking about you and who’s thinking about lighting fires.
DIAMOND PENDULUMS! On the internet one find diamond pendulums for sale (only £27.18!) that supposedly can connect you to ‘Universal Intelligence”. These pendulums have been “reviewed by the leading trade journal as ‘THE MOST RESPONSIVE PENDULUM’”. 

So, that's several entertaining pastimes one could indulge one's self in before next Friday night...
(I'd try to avoid the forty inch string if I were you...)

In the mean-time let's examine this weeks remains....

People Get Ready: David
Ruby Tuesday: Lynda
The Last Minstrel Show: John
Who Do You Think Your Fooling?: Yvonne/Mike
The Night Is Young: Eddie
Summertime: Brenda/Berry
Smile: Berry
Once I Had a Sweetheart: Jane/Dave
When You and I Were Young, Maggie: Paul/Berry
A Place In The Country: Bill 1:1
Twa Corrbies: Colin
Brave Wolfe: Roger
Love Hurts: Lucy/Paul
Reason To Believe: David
Sealed With A Kiss: Lynda/Paul
Working In The Mill: John (new)
Peggy Gordon: John
Till The Stars Fall From The Sky: Yvonne/Mike
The Grey Funnel Line: Eddie
Solitude: Lucy
All of Me: Brenda/Berry
I Like The Way You Look: Berry
Sweet Jane: Jane/Dave
Every Time We Say Good-bye: Paul/Roger
Peggy and the Soldier: Bill 1:1
Good Ale: Colin
Love Letters: Lucy/Roger

Now let's hear it for collaborations...!

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