Saturday, November 22, 2008

Being the 21st of November 2008...

So, the first try out of our new early evening sing-song went as well as could be expected and will now become a feature of the City Folk Club experience...
We have one proposed song for next week from Eddie, 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" but we need a couple more so let's have some ideas please...

In a packed evening of knock-about hilarity we managed to squeeze in the following:

Hard Times of Old England: Full cast lead by Ken
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Full cast lead by Colin
Oh, Susanna: Full cast lead by David
Molly Malone: Eddie
Underneath the Stars: John
Johnny Reb: Bill 1:2
The Road to Bepton Park: Yvonne/Mike
Wrecking Ball: Jane/Dave
Follow the Heron Home: Anne
Black Muddy River: Peter/Anne
For No One: Mick
All My Trials: Maggie
A Fine Romance: Brenda/Berry
The Glory of Love: Berry
All Froze Out: Mave
?: Brenda (Lynda's Mum)
One Fine Day: Lynda/Paul
Pilot of the Airwaves: Paul
When I Was on Horseback: Bill 1:1
You & Me: David
The Lincolnshire Poacher: Eddie
Lady Elenor: Bill 1:2
The Wind That Shakes the Barley: Colin
Here is My Home: John
Flying High: Mike
Hallelujah: Jane/Dave
The Bells of Norwich: Anne/Peter
Lady of Pleasure: Peter
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Maggie
Sunny Side of the Street: Brenda/Berry
Hey, Baby: Ken/Berry
Easy To Forget: Lynda/Paul
Princess Royal: Bill 1:1
?: Anne/Peter

and only five people had to die....

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