Saturday, November 15, 2008

How Much...?!!!! (The CFC Childern in Need Total Raised)

Over to you Ken...

Are you sitting comfortably?

One hundred and eighty-seven pounds and 5 pence (and 6 Euro-cents).

I'll buy the cents - for, say, 5p, so: £187.10.

I think 'magnificent' is not an unsuitable term. Many, many thanks to all those who contributed so handsomely.

Well done, David - for great mc-ing; to Colin for the club donation suggestion.


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St. Anley said...

And many thanks to Ken, for staying up all night counting all those pennies.
Now, come on. Let's make it £200. I hereby personally pledge to pass the balance of £12.90 (in small coinage when I next see him so we can make this happen.