Saturday, November 15, 2008

How Much...?!!!! (update)

Dear CFC-Children-in-Need supporters,

One correction: a 1p coin turned-out to be 2 (Euro)cents.

Anita gave me a donation this morning, and Colin and I between us have rounded the total up to £200.00.

I paid it in on-line today. The 'receipt' is attached. I'll try and remember to bring the printed copy along to display next Friday.

Well done and THANKS again for supporting a cause which, as Mave and I know from first hand, really does make a difference.

(If you know anyone who'd like to donate, it's not too late: donate, by post, at any bank or building society, by digital satellite tv (red button), by phone (credit/debit card) or online (card or Paypal).
Details at: donate here ).

Love and best wishes,
Ken Hobbs

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