Sunday, December 7, 2008

Being the 5th of December 2008...

A record of our evening of hypnotic entrancement and whirling ecstasies:

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain: Eddie & Full Cast
Who's the Fool Now?: Colin & Full Cast
My Flower, My Companion & Me: Eddie
Prab So Nol: John
Little Donkey: Yvonne/Mike
Townes Blues: Jane/Dave
Diago's Bold Shore: Anne
Memories Are Made of This: Berry
All of Me: Brenda/Berry
I'm Gonna Have it All Someday: Mike
My El Dorado: Mave
After Me: Maggie
Meet Me On the Corner: Lynda/Paul
Anything That's Part of You: Paul
Scarboro' Fayre: Colin
Freight Train: David & Full Cast
Dancing With You: Eddie
Hug Her Close: John
Halcyon Days: Yvonne/Mike
Sea of Love: Jane/Dave
Lord Gregory: Anne
So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad): Berry
Any Time: Brenda/Berry
Galway Girl: Mike
The Seasons of the Year: Mave
The Wife of Usher's Well: David
Here, There and Everywhere: Lynda
Take These Chains From My Heart: Paul
Parting Song: Colin

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