Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All The Good Times...

Paul has agreed to lead an unaccompanied rendition of this song....

The singer has left his song on the air,
The hunter has hung up his horn,
After the day the long, long night
After the night the dawn.

All the good times are past and gone,
all the good times are o'er,
All the good times are past and gone,
little darling don't you weep no more.

I don't want a seat at your table so bright,
I don't want a bed on your floor,
You can't hunt me down through the forests of love
and nail up my hide on your door.

Forget all the teeth that threaten to tear,
forget all the pains in your head,
The meek and the weak shall inherit the earth,
the savage and honest are dead.

Build me a boat where the willows once grew,
where the vole and the otter swam free,
Row me away from this desolate land,
make for the open sea.

1 comment:

St. Anley said...

That went REALLY well.
Thanks, Paul.