Sunday, January 4, 2009

Being the 2nd of January 2009...

So, we have returned...
From our park benches, from our cardboard lean-to shelters under the fly over, from our wheelie bins at the back of the off license and, in my own case, from the gaunt, imposing gothic pile atop the frightening windswept hill where my faithful retainer Mungo gnashes his rotten teeth and rails at the endless sky...

Having cast aside our elasticated Christmas gifts we did this:

The Last Thing on my Mind: Colin+full cast
The Road Away: David
Christmas Day (except): Mike
The Leaving of Liverpool: Bill 1:2
Samuel, Oh How You've Changed!/Streets of London: Mike
Winter Wood: Berry
Rise Like Larks: Mave
Down in yon Forest: Colin
Come Fill Up Your Glasses: Ken
The Bold Fisherman: Jane/Dave
I Just Want to Stay and Love You: Maggie
The Cruel Mother: Bill 1:1
Flash Company: Jenny
Outward Bound: Lynda/Paul
Bird on the Wire: Paul
Joe Peel: Anne
Cousin Jack: Peter
When the Spring has Come: David
The Forsaken Mother and Child: Colin
Travellin' Shoes: Bill 1:2
Mary You May Have to Run: Mike
Lonesome Me: Berry
Back and Sides Go Bare: Ken
Love Hurts: Jane/Dave
Unsure Love: Maggie
Brisk Young Widow: Bill 1:1
Raglan Road: Lynda
Isle of Hope: Anne/Peter
Black Muddy River: Anne/Peter

I must now go and film a potato...


Anonymous said...

Oh ours was 'The Bold Fisherman'. Did I mess it up that badly?? Ooops. Love Jane

Outa_Spaceman said...

You didn't 'mess it up' at all...!!
I just didn't write it down...