Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being the Ninth of January 2009....

I would like to be able to introduce this weeks listing with some relevant babbling but I've had to focus my limited intellectual capacity on the basics of atomic structure so...
Did you know that an atom is made up of a nucleus and several shells and that the outer most shell is called the valence shell..?
The nucleus is made up of Protons & Neutrons...?
The shells of the atom carry the Electrons..?
You will know when my studies of the atom are complete by the smoking hole where West Sussex used to be...
In the mean time let's huddle together and sing:

Early One Morning: David + Full Cast
Farewell to the Gold: John
When I Was On Horseback: Jane/Dave (c/w dulcimer)
Laurie: Bill 1:2
Hey Jude: Herr Ken
When The Green Man Comes A-Walking: Mave
Dance Around In Your Bones: Mike
Goodbye: David
A Begging I Will Go: John
Kathy's Song: Lynda
I Wish I Was Eighteen Again: Paul
Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey: Colin
Cold Haily Rainy Night: Bill 1:1
The Stars In Your Eyes: David
Lea Boys Honey: John
Down To The River: Jane/Dave
This Boy: Bill 1:2
Little Pot Stove: Ken
You Are My Honeysuckle: Mave
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do ?: Mike
Blow Ye Winds: John
Never Again: Lynda
No Hiding Place: Paul
Spanish Ladies: Colin
Manchester Rambler: Bill 1:2
Haul Away: Paul

I now have to go and gather winter fuel...

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