Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being the Sixteenth of January 2009....

Well, another night of scintillating company, caustic wit and fine, fine music...
Meanwhile, back at the City Folk Club we did this...

Sailing: Mike P.+full cast
Fare Ye Well Dearest Nancy: David
Lady Franklin's Lament: Colin
The Widow of Westmoreland: Bill 1:1
The Old Lady of Padstow: Mave
(She Did the) Fandango: Ken
Dead Reckoning: Andrew/Carol
Stones: Carol/Andrew
Dancing With You: Eddie
Maria Helena: Berry
The Contender: Mike P.
All My Trials: Maggie
All of Me: Brenda/Berry
When Morning Breaks: Lynda
Hard Life: John
The Battle of New Orleans: Paul
Jimmy Crack Corn: Phil/Tony
The Last Thing on My Mind: Tony/Phil
Need Your Love so Bad: Roger
Sweet Little Mystery: David
An Announcement (See later post): Colin
Loftus Jones: Bill 1:1
'orrible Lies: Andrew
A Smuggler's Song: Carol
Somewhere Along the Road: Eddie
Long Time Forgotten: Paul/Berry
Winchester Cathedral: Brenda/Berry
A Turkish Song: Maggie
In the Early Morning Rain: Lynda/Paul
40 Shades of Green: John
This Land is Your Land/Keep on the Sunny Side: Phil/Tony
Hobo's Lullaby: Roger

Welcome to the new faces (Phil/Tony+the ladies in the dark), to returned faces (Carol/Andrew, Eddie/Margaret & Les/Pam) and to a face we have missed for so long (Roger).


Anonymous said...

"Maria Elena" first published in 1930's by acclaimed composer/guitarist Lorenzo Barcelata for the first lady of Mexico. English words added then a hit for the Jimmy Dorsey band in 1941. Recorded by Los Indios Tabajaras in 1958 but released 1962. 'Story is the two Indian boys found a guitar in a dustbin & went on to be excellent concert guitarists. If I put my guitar in a dustbin .. will it ....?

Segovia Carpet said...

Re: Guitar/dustbin: please, just try it.