Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being the Thirtieth of January 2009....

With Buddy Holly now spinning fast enough to affect the rotation of the planet let's find out how this situation came about...

It Doesn't Matter Anymore: David
I'll Lay You Down: Eddie
Not Fade Away: Jane/Dave
All Gone Away: Ray
Raining In My Heart: Brenda/Berry
Think It Over: Berry
True Love Ways: Bill 1:2
Peggy Sue: Mick
Sweet Lemoney: Mike
Don't Explain: Lucy
Heartbeat: Paul
Ever The Winds: Colin
Sweet Little Mystery: David
The Night Is Young: Eddie
Famous Blue Raincoat: Jane/Dave
The Gypsy Rover: Ray
The Very Thought Of You: Brenda/Berry
Hey Hey: Berry
Air On A G String: Mick
Maybe Baby: Bill 1:2
Leaving On A Jet Plane: Lucy
That'll Be The Day: Paul
Tom Bowling: Colin
Peggy Sue Got Married: David
Fields Of Athenry: Ray

You can relax now Colin...


St. Anley said...

Now I can 'relax'?
Well, thank you.
Am I not always 'relaxed' on Friday evenings?
Should I be drinking more beer?

BTW, Charles Dibdin composed a song entitled 'Tom Bowling' (with a 'g' at the end.) I have edited appropriately.

Jane, (my wife that is,) wants a 'Famous Blue Raincoat'.
Wasn't that smashing?
Well done, Jane (not my wife) and Dave!

The London Apprentice said...

Wasn't Mick Wills effort impressive when, unrehearsed, he read the dots for his lovely rendition of Peggy Sue? Then came Air on a G String. Marvellous!