Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being the Thirteenth of March 2009...

So that's what the lump in my leg was...

I'll deal with the Red Nose Day goings-on in a separate post...
Here's what we inflicted on our long-suffering selves...

I've got a Little Problem: David
Nancy Spain: Anne & Alan
Next Time: Eddie
I Wanna' Undo: Steve
The Battle of Hastings: Bill 1:2
For Tonight We'll Merry Merry Be: John
Bay of Biscay: Anne
There Was a Vicar: Pete
The 6' 7" Woman: Ray
A Joke: Lynda
Nobodies Child: Paul
The Welly Boot Song: Jane/Colin
St. Anley, The Spider and the Mag-Light: Colin
Ah Yes! I Remember it Well: Mave/Ken
A Merry Little Minuet: Roger
Bold Sir John: Alan
The Mermaid: Eddie
Another Day, Another Database: Steve
A Joke: Heather
Has Anybody Seen J.C.?: Bill 1:2
Joe The Carter Lad: John
Why don't Women Like Me?: Ray
After the Goldrush: Lynda
Billy Baily: Paul
The German Clockwinder: Colin
Unfed Melody: Mave
The Vodka Song: Ken
The Logger: Roger

Sorry for the delay in posting this listing...
I was overcome by a wistful melancholy...

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