Friday, March 27, 2009

Being the Twentieth of March 2009

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Another just-in-time listing of past events...
I really must make an effort to get out of bed every now and then...
(especially when Linda's making it...)

Molly Malone: Colin and Full Cast
John Barley: Antony
Long Looked For. Come at Last: Bill 1.1
Sailor's Prayer: Eddie
Don't Call Me Louise: Mike
Long Shot Kick The Bucket: Steve
Anji: Mick
Dirty Old Town: Mike
From Boulder to Birmingham: Jane/Dave
The Green Banks of Grain: Mave
Drumsnot: Ken
I was a Young Man. I was a Rover: Colin
Alexander Beetle: Paul
The Ballad of the Lost Prophet: David
Mull of Kintyre: Antony
The Vertical: Bill 1.1
The Sailorman's Port in a Storm: Eddie
My True Love: Mike
Performance Review: Steve
Beret: Mick
Wild in the Country: Paul
Never Again: Lynda
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright: Mike
I'm On Fire: Jane/Dave
Whiskey in the Jar: Mave
Parting Song: Colin

Just time for a nap before the next episode...

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