Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being the Eighth of May 2009...

I'd like to be able to pass on some nugget of received wisdom but am engaged in invocational chanting to the sun (which also involves ecstatic whirling, dancing and banjo flailing...) to ensure passable weather for the May Day hoo-ha on Saturday...
Sadly, due to local opposition, I am unable to perform the required ritual 'sky-clad' and so there can be no guarantee of any success...
See how willfully I sacrifice what remaining dignity I may, or may not, have for your future comfort and enjoyment...

For those with short-term memory deficit, here's what we did:

Sweet Little Mystery: David
Dancing at Whitsun: Colin
The Soldier: Bill 1:2
Country Roads: Gerry
Gentle Maidens: Ian
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood: Anne
Blackwaterside: Mick
Summertime: Brenda/Berry
Home: Berry
Galway to Graceland: Mike P.
A Begging I Will Go: John
You've Got a Friend: Margaret
Suds in the Bucket: Les
Oh Very Young: Paul
The Day That the Circus Left Town: Maggie
Hold the Past with Love: Roger
You and Me: David
Hey Fred: Maggie
Seacruise/Over the Waves: Berry
Searching for Lambs: Colin
Blow Ye Winds: John
Queen of Hearts: Margaret
Lord Inchyquin: Ian/Roger
The End of the World: Lynda/Paul
A Hard Rains Gonna Fall: Mike P.
Some Beach: Les
Big Grand Coolie Damn: Paul
Wonderful Tonight: Gerry
Lady Eleanor: Bill 1:2
The Grey Cockrell: Anne
Further Along: Roger

Hum-luma-looby-dooby-walla-walla-bing-bong-hubba-hubba-number 6 the loop-a-roopah-buzz-buzz-ubuntu....
All together now...!
(etc. etc...)


St. Anley said...

I share your westherwise anxiety, David.
Just keep repeating Berry's words of wisdom:

Outa_Spaceman said...

"Just keep repeating Berry's words of wisdom:

I'd rather stick pins in my 'gentleman's' area...
(If I thought it would do some good...)

Berrys Music said...

A supply of the necessary pins can be obtained at Screwfix. (Open on Sundays).
A pot of melted solder will be useful for reflected pain and making shot.
It would be much quicker, cheaper and rather less painful, just to do as I have instructed and utter my phrase "Filli-chops-nubber"