Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Being the Twentysecond of May 2009...

"I'm so excited about what I'm going to say that I can't wait to say it...
So I won't say anything now...
That would spoil it for everybody..."

There will be a prize for anyone who can tell me who might have uttered the quote above...

Here's what we did (E&OE)

Fallen Moon: David
Both Sides Now: Paul
The Unquiet Grave: Lynda/Paul
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me: Lucy
The Lark in the Morning: Bill 1:1
The Sailor's Prayer: Eddie
Molly Bawn: Jane/Dave
When I Get to the Border: Mike P.
Country Roads: Josie/Heather/Gerry
No Use For Him: Ray
Rise Like Larks: Mave
Masochism Tango: Ken
With God on Our Side: Margaret
The Happy Man: Colin
It Must Be True: David
You Are My Sunshine: Paul
Daylight Again: Lynda
Solitude: Lucy
Slow Waltz From the Thomas Hardy Collection/Drink Up Your Tea Love: Bill 1:1
Dancing With You: Eddie
Birds: Jane/Dave
The Folker: Mike P.
Put Another Log On the Fire: Josie/Heather/Jerry
Oh Lord It's Hard to be Humble: Ray
Waiting at the Church: Mave
Indian Lass: Ken
White Rose of Athens: Margaret
Pleasant and Delightful: Colin/Lucy

I feel a change coming on...

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