Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Agent In The Field...

You may be forgiven for assuming that the organisation of the City Folk Club is some-what haphazard and probably undertaken by a troop of monkey acolytes on unicycles.
(Sigh, those were the days..!)
But no..!
We have a dedicated group of forward thinking planning facilitators whose job it is to imagineer solutions to destiny feasibility scenarios...
Here we witness Mr. Beresford Greene (for it is he) and his monkey acolyte 'Ben' testing the Wyke Guide Hall for you over 20 years ago...!
Never let it be said that we are in anyway complacent when it comes to the management of our gathering...
(Not like that troop of unicycle riding monkey acolytes I can tell you...!)


St. Anley said...

Kindly share the secret of Berry's gift of perpetual youth!

What's he on?
Is it available on the NHS?
Can I have some?

Outa_Spaceman said...

As I have said before...
"You know you're getting old when the NHS becomes your drug-dealer..."

And what of 'perpetual youth'?
Is it not some damnation..?
Has the withered flower no beauty..?
Is the wisdom that age imparts of no value..?

(Rhetorical answers on a post-card please..)

P.S. I have written Ken's answers on a scrap of paper and will award myself £5 for each correct prediction...

Berrys Music said...

Ken is the exception that proves some rule or other.
Alas I have no secrets. One has merely avoided all endeavour and responsibility. I have eaten wisely of de-hydogenated cardboard, avoided heights and other flights of fancy, let my maker do the competing, and frequently paid homage to His great work as I lie betwixt the mirror in admiration of His generous humility.
Quite simple really - eh?