Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being the Seventh of August 2009...

David: The Drowned Lovers
Paul: Girl From the North Country
Berry: Hey, Hey.
Mave: Let No Man Steal Your Tyme
Ken: Layabouts Lament
Antony: Sibella
Brenda/Berry: All of Me
Mick: 12 String Tune
Mike: The Mermaid
Lynda: Amazing Grace
Anne: The Sin of Mary Prout
Ray: Empty Echos
John: Eurydice
Barry: Lizzie Loved a Highwayman
Jenny: Sally Gardens
Bill 1:1: I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Colin: William Stone
David: See Me Run
Paul: Moon Shadow
Berry: Over the Waves
Mave: The Callico Printer's Clerk
Ken: Down in the Basement
Antony: At the Dark End of the Street
Brenda/Berry: Summertime
Mick: A Slightly Longer Tune Than The First One
Mike: Fire and Rain
Lynda: When Morning Breaks
Anne: Catch Me If You Can
Ray: Dorset is Beautiful
John: I Don't Know Any Love Songs
Barry: Driving In The Middle Lane
Jenny/Bill 1:1: Keys To My Heart
Bill 1:1: Poor Old Horse
Colin: Row On

1 comment:

St. Anley said...

Come on, David, we all know you can do better than this.
Where's the banter and humour gone?
What happened to the obscure frivolity and provocotive topics for debate?
How do you spell 'time' or 'tHyme'?
Are you sure about 'Eurydice'? Doesn't 'calLico' have only one 'L'?
What's for community singing tomorrow?
Would you like some help with this?