Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beresford Greene Speaks (Sixteenth Fit...)

I feel that a more extensive reply is in order. However I must not debate as I am not of that ilk and have no experience of all that is implied in such.
Folk Music is like any other fashion, that is at the will of the many if not the majority. One thing that it is difficult to argue with, (though no doubt Ken will find a way), is "POPULARITY." More exactly: ENDURING POPULARITY.
I like to think that when the other issues such as fashion & nostalgia have subsided, a worthy piece of art endures for the best of reasons. A "popular" song may be in favour for a very short while or become an "evergreen" that sees it maintained as a work of worth perhaps for ever & a day.
Folk Music is surely no different from any other art form in this respect. Of course there are those who simply like "the style" of something. That gravel voiced singing down the nose may be pure bliss to some. What we need to ask here is whether such is appealing to the many. The answer to that comes with that "enduring popularity" that I mentioned.
Of course publicity has an effect. If we try to keep certain items from falling out of mind, we may hope that they will endure the more. The one thing that cannot be done is to change for very long the conception of appreciation that lies within we homo sapiens. The truth will out.... one would hope!
There are some songs that have an almost indescribable X-factor that gives them legs that may last forever. Rather than give an example one that has it - I would rather give an example of one that most certainly does not! And I quote our National Anthem. Yet I suppose that it is "popular" -eh? Yet I would say that the hymn "Jerusalem" has it in spades - especially if you also happen to be British.
Now you would want to move me on to consider words & music as separate issues, but I will not be driven there. At its best there will be a marriage of both that seems to have been made if not in heaven, then not of this world.
We have in our club, those who can deliver a song in such a way that it takes the very breath from ones body. We also have one or two that... well can't. And that my dears is where I come in!
So have I spoken about motions for long enough? Have I been instrumental in tuning you in?
Do try to keep regular and turn up and out every Friday evening.

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