Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Being the Second of October 2009...

Legend in My Time: David
The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite: Colin
Your Mother and I: Paul
The Bonny Lass of Fyvie: Bill 1:1
I Wish I Were a Maid Again: Jenny
June Apple: Barry
Serious Tom: Mike/Marion
Barbary Allen: Jane
Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
Wildwood Flower: Margaret
Seminole Wind: Les
Abroad As I Was Walking: Anne
I Live In Trafalgar Square: Mave
Belly Boys : Ken
Bottom of the Bottle: David
Both Sides the Tweed: Colin/Ken
The False Bride: Lynda
Bill Bailey: Paul
Farewell: Anne
For Ireland I'd Not Speak Your Name/When Sick It's Tea You Want: Bill 1:1
? : Margaret
Old Timer: Barry/Mike/Marion
Still I Love Him: Jenny
Waiting For the Times To Get Better: Mike/Marion
My Beautiful Bride: Jane/David
Messing About on the River: Les
Wave Over Wave: Mave
The Zoological Gardens: Ken
Get Up Jack Jones Sit Down: Barry


St. Anley said...

How could Ken and Margaret's contributions be so unmemorable?
I will try to be more help next time.
When in doubt, for Ken, just write 'a silly song'. It usually is!
For Margaret 'something delightful' will suffice.

St. Anley said...

PS to last.

... and for me: 'something overly-serious, quasi-academic, executed with mediocrity and eminently forgettable'!

For Berry - well, err ... ?