Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being the Eleventh of December 2009...

Come All Ye: David
The Lark in the Clear Air: Colin
Bury My Body: Paul
The Wally and the Ivy: Ken
Now I Has to Call Him Father: Mave
I'll Lay You Down: Eddie
Butterflies: Mike/Yvonne
Love Will Tear Us Apart: Mike P.
I'm Bound for the Mountains and the Sea: Lynda
It's Only Love: Jane
? : Ray
4 Drunken Nights: Bill 1:1
Connemara Boat Song: Jenny
I Want to Go Home: Berry
Staggerlee: David
Betsy the Serving Maid: Colin
Father and Son: Paul
The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom: Ken
All Froze Out: Mave
Next Time Around: Eddie
A Winter's Afternoon: Mike
The Mermaid: Mike P.
The Waters of Life: Lynda
? : Jane
Abilene: Berry
The Cucumber Song: Ray
Rink To Me Dink: Bill 1:1/Jenny
When I Fall in Love: Jenny

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