Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being the Fourth of December 2009...

In the Smoke: David
From Bolder to Birmingham: Paul
Cruising Down the River: Berry
The Waller: Mave
Chatterton Doris: Ken
My True Love: Mike
The Lincolnshire Poacher: Eddie
Barbary Ellen: Jane
World Without Love: Brenda/Berry
Raglan Road: Lynda
? My Time: Les
Amazing Grace: Margaret
Zeppelin: Mick
Jack Orion: Bill 1:1/Mick
The Wind That Shakes the Barley: Colin
You & Me: David
Noah: Paul
Delila: Berry
A Roving: Mave
Lord Franklin (Parody version): Ken
(nearly) Butterflies: Mike/Yvonne
All I Want: Eddie
Fare Thee Well Dearest Nancy: Jane/David
All of Me: Brenda/Berry
The Galway Shawl: Lynda
Summertime: Brenda
Leaving on a Jetplane: Les
In the Mood: Mick
The Knight on the Road: Bill 1:1
Thousands or More: Colin


St. Anley said...

Is this the latest uniform for professional domestic cleaners?

Outa_Spaceman said...

Come, come St. Anley...
You disappoint me...
I thought you, a fan of the scribblings of palatially trousered pipe smoking medievalists, would have instantly recognised Gandalf the Gay..!
(Staff not pictured)
Although you could be forgiven for assuming, as Mave did, that it was Ken on his way to an LARP* event...

*Live Action Role Play

St. Anley said...

I see NO trousers!

Anyway, why is the word 'trousers' always plural?
Then again, why is 'nickers'?
Think about this: women usually only wear ONE bra, even though they normally have two bits of white tripe by moonlight!
Discuss at considerable length, or delete (on the basis of poor taste) at your discretion.