Friday, February 5, 2010

Being The Fifteenth of January 2010...

See Me Run: David
Moonshadow: Paul
Dream A Little Dream Of Me: Brenda/Allis/Berry
?: Ian/Alan
Candlemas Eve: Anne/Alan
Stewball: Lynda
Creole Belle/Anything Goes: Mike P.
Flowers of the Forest: Anne
Good Man: Lorna
Out of the Blue: Mick
Bird-Dog: Ken/Berry
When The Green Man Goes A Walking: Mave
He Was The World To Me: Anne/Alan
?: Jenny/Bill
Young At Heart: Berry
Drink Up Your Tea Love/When Sick Is It Tea You Want?: Bill 1:1
The Musical Lovers: Colin
Flower of the Valley: David
The Big Grand Coolie Dam: Paul
Chanson D Amour: Brenda/Berry
Lord Inchquinan: Ian/Bill 1:1/Alan
Fanny Dow/?: Anne/Alan/Ian/Bill
Hush-a-Bye Mountain: Lynda
The Echo: Mike P.
So Early In Spring: Anne
Mexican Waltz: Lorna
Julia Ford's Polka/Din Tarrent: Mick/Mike P.
Ever Since A Rooster Came Into Our Yard: Ken
Our Singing Will Never Be Done: Mave
Cheating Heart: Berry+Full Cast
Three Drunken Maidens: Bill 1:1
Garton Mother's Lullaby: Colin

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