Friday, February 5, 2010

Being The First of January 2010....

The Flower of the Valley: David
Goodbye: Paul
All I Want: Eddie
Cathy's Song: Lynda
Winters Afternoon: Mike
Reynadine: Jane
Mingulay Boat Song: Duncan
Anji: Mick
It Was In The Month of January: Anne
Music Makes Pictures: Mike P.
Back and Sides Go Bare: Ken
Wassail Song: Mave
I Walk The Line: Les
6 Pretty Farm Maids: Bill 1:1
Down In Yon Forest: Colin
One More Dollar: David
To Ramona: Paul
Union Miners: Eddie
Farewell Farewell: Lynda
Butterflies: Yvonne/Mike
Wrecking Ball: Jane/David
There Stands The Glass: Duncan
Blackwaterside: Mick
?: Anne
Shoals of Herring: Mike P.
The Pheasant Plucking Song: Ken
Auld Lang Syne: Mave
What a Morning: Les
Sunny Bank: Bill 1:1/Colin
The King: Colin+Full Cast

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