Friday, March 12, 2010

Being The Twelth of March 2010...

The Race Is On: David
Dives and Lazarus: Roger
Memories of ?: Mark
I've Got You Under My Skin: Brenda/Berry
Time, Time, Time: Mave
These Cowtown Days: Ken/Colin
?: Anne
Lavender's Blue: Yvonne
Hound Dog Blues: Mike
Hushabye Mountain: Lynda
I Don't Know Why I Love You: Berry
I Came So Far For Beauty: Jane
Puff The Magic Dragon: Daryl
Engineer 143: Angela
It Takes A Worried Man: Roland/Angela
Roses In No Man's Land: Eddie
Devoted To You: Lucy/Paul
Here, There and Everywhere: Les
The Verdant Braes of Skreen: Colin
What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?: David
Pilot of the Airwaves: Paul
Romeo and Juliet: Roger
Music of the Night: Mark
Moonlight Serenade: Brenda/Berry
The Hour That The Ship Comes In: Ken
Grey Cockerel: Anne
I Want To Marry A Light House Keeper: Yvonne
Lucky The Man: Mike
The Brisk Lad: Lynda
There's A Hole In My Bucket: Brenda/Daryl
She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair: Jane/David
I'll See You In My Dreams: Berry
Galway Shawl: Eddie
Island of Dreams: Les
Take a Message To Mary: Lucy/Paul
John Bull: Colin

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