Wednesday, March 17, 2010

City Folk Club
Consumer Survey

We at the City Folk Club seek, nay, strive continually to increase the level of customer satisfaction experienced by those attending our little 'soirées' - we employ the Japanese 'kaizen' principle of continuous improvement. We would gratefully appreciate it if you would take just a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Where indicated, please mark your ratings* from 1 (low) to 0 (high).

Your responses will be fed into our data-processing complex's statistical evaluation engine (SEE), and the results given quite serious consideration, before being filed-away and forgotten.

Please read the Club Mission Statement and 5-Year Vision before you start.

* this is not an invitation to tattoo sailors

Remember: your opinions are important to us, and you are being held in a queue.

Thank you for your time (tick one: 3/4; 4/4; 9/8).

1. What do you consider is the chief reason for the existence of the City Folk Club?
a) a serio-comic forum for the exchange of populist cultural material dealing with the social issues of the day
b) an antithesis to the dithyrambic effulgence of daily life
c) a cheap night out/brief respite from the squalor of my living accommodation

2. What should the CFC 'blog' be used for?
a) serious debate on the future of serio-comic popular culture and its place in a contemporary anarcho-syndicalist economy
b) swipes at anyone I don't like
c) a vehicle for my more obscure ramblings on threats to workers' rights in the nineteenth century
d) an opportunity to recycle old jokes
e) all or none of the above

3. At the City Folk Club, I'd like to see more of:
i) politically-motivated singer/songwriter material in the country-and-western style
ii) deeply personal ballads, voicing the angst of the upper-middle classes' struggle to find a decent authentic polenta
iii) melodies played on exotic instruments, or spoons
iv) time for socialising/making new friends/soliciting
v) strippers (either sex)

4. What's missing from the City Folk Club is:
1) a really good castrati tenor
2) poetry, especially Patience Strong
3) club ear-plugs
4) a four-colour logo I wouldn't be ashamed to have on a t-shirt
5) free beer
6) strippers (either sex)

5. I'd like to see the City Folk Club improve:
1) the lighting
10) the sound
11) the speling on the blog
101) the use of binary numbering in the surveys

6. Please rate your overall experience of the City Folk Club:
o 5 - highly satisfactory
o 5 - very satisfactory
o 5 - quite satisfactory
o 5 - almost satisfactory
o 1 - I don't wear overalls


St. Anley said...

I live by the maxim, "If it ain't broke - don't fix it!"

St. Anley said...

And did you know that a 'dithyramb' is a hymn in praise of the greek god Dyonisus?
Of course you did, Ken.
It is supposed to accompany wild and erotic dancing.
More of that, please!

London Apprentice said...

1 - a
2 - a
3 - iv
4 - 4
5 - o5

More dancing, more lighting, more eating, more colaborating(ion), more double goes(ing), more training, more joking, less worrying.