Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thousands or More ...

Off the top of my head I sang this on Friday.
Everybody joined in the repetitives and made a glorious sound.
Thank you, everyone.

Two people asked me for the lyrics, so I feel it expedient to publish them here.

The time passes over more cheerful and gay
Since we've learnt a new act to drive sorrows away
Sorrows away
Sorrows away
Since we've learnt a new act to drive sorrows away

Bright Phoebe arises so high in the sky
With her red rosy ckeeks and her sparkling eye
Sparkling eye
Sparkling eye
With her red ...

If you ask for my credit you'll find I have none
With my bottle and friend you will find me at home
Find me at home ...

Although I'm not rich and although I'm not poor
I'm as happy as those that's got thousands or more
Thousands or more ...

I have transcribed from memory, but I acknowledge my original source -
The Copper Family Song Book.

God bless, and RIP, Bob!


parkingspaceman said...

We sang this where I was on Friday, too. However, would it be grammatically correct to write "we have learned" (not "learnt")? It would be nice to have the imperfect past and the perfect past differentiated, no?

St. Anley said...

You tell Mr. Copper that.
See the book!

parkingspaceman said...

Which Mr. Copper? Ron? Bob (MBE)? or James 'Brasser'? In Brasser's hand he spells 'cry' 'cri'. Do you sing 'with my brush broom and my rake', or 'with my brush broom and my crape' as Brasser wrote? The mast awaits your colours to be nailed to it, I think.

parkingspaceman said...

Clearly, St. Anley has quit the field, tail tucked between his legs, and vanquish brimming in his eyes.