Friday, April 16, 2010

Being The Sixteenth of April 2010...

The Wife Of Usher's Well: David
Banks of Sweet Primroses: Colin
?: Mave
Carolina: Mick/Marion
Tall Ships: Janet
Miss Otis Regrets: Berry
The End of the World: Lynda/Paul
The There Ravens/Adieu: Mark
Sad and Beautiful World: Jane/David
Dollar Down: Les
Blue Bayou: John
Marco Polo: Mike P.
Blackwaterside: Mick
Sweet Bird: Angela/Roland/Bill 1:1
Scarboro Fair: Margaret
Glory Of Love: Mick/Marion
A Mountain in Switzerland: Paul
Turn A Blind Eye: David
Unicorns: Colin
Standing In The Church: Mave
Charming Molly O': Ken
The Rose: Janet
For The Good Times: Lynda/Paul
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness: Mike/Marion
Wake Up Now Mother: Jane/David
Sweet Dreams of You: Berry
Theme From 'Out of Time': Mark
I've Got Friends In Low Places: Les
Scorn Not His Simplicity: John
Nobodies Fault But Mine: Mike P.
?: Mick/Mike P.
Rye Cove: Angela
Daffy Down Dillies: Roland/Angela/Bill 1:1
T'was on One April Morning: Bill 1:1
Wonderful Life: Paul

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