Friday, April 23, 2010

Being The Twentythird of April 2010...

Come Sail Your Ships Around Me: David
Drink Old England Dry: Colin
I Don't Want: Eddie
English Country Garden: Yvonne
?: Mike
The Quite Joys of Brotherhood: Anne
Frank Mills: Tony
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child: Roger
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean: Bill 1:2
You Can Cry A Million Tears: Allis/John
Cottager's Reply: Mave/Ken
Dark Island: Lorna/Laura
Tobin's Jig/Lark In The Morning: Mick
I'm Thinking Tonight About Blue Eyes: Angela
The Deep Blue Sea: Roland/Angela
You've Got A Friend: Margaret
Dr. Jazz: Paul
Come Here: David
Lord Franklin: Colin
Masquerade: Allis/John
Dancing With You: Eddie
Is It Him Or Is It Me?: Yvonne/Mike
The Swallow Song: Anne
Our Canary Won't Sing: Tony
In No Strange Land: Roger
Lady Eleanor: Bill 1:2
The Squire of Tamworth: Ken
Wild Bas Strait: Mave
Cajun Two Step: Lorna
Farewell Dearest Nancy: Laura
Out of the Blue: Mick
Foggy Mountain Top: Angela
Sweet Georgia Brown: Paul/John

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parkingspaceman said...

Squire of Tamworth known more usually as The Golden Glove; Mave's wild strait is the Bass, sometimes done by a bra's band. And Mike didn't sing ?, surely, it was !!