Thursday, May 13, 2010

That Radio Broadcast You're Not Meant to Hear ...

I am simply an ill-informed bystander, so, rather like voting in our recent general election, the following observations and opinions are probably meaningless.

This evening I accidentally stumbled across a radio broadcast of folk music. It was hosted by a regularly unapologetic heckler at the City Folk Club. The live guest was one David, (genial host and MC.)

Ken had the incisive interviewing technique worthy of the late Sir Robin Day. Through the indistinct radio-waves you could tell that he was wearing a bow-tie and bore a mischievous countenance.

David, in the face of rigorous interrogation maintained his electromagnetic smile and, unlike that infamous precedent with an erstwhile Foreign Minister, did not discard the microphone and walk out.
Indeed, David maintained remarkable composure and, in response to questions about CFC, uttered (...err ...) phrases like:
“ … err …That’s a good question.”
“ … err … Ambition in a young person is a terrible thing.”
“ … err … not in the first flush of youth.”
“ … err … it’s really good fun.”

He used words like ‘encourage’ and ‘err … confidence’.
(“ … err,” seems to be David’s preferred introduction to any important statement.)

Both Ken and David are to be congratulated on an engaging and enjoyable piece of broadcasting. It was obviously widely appreciated as judged by the constant atmospheric crackle that could easily be construed as universal applause. I even detected one member of the ethereal audience voicing approval in impeccable Serbo-Croat.

Seriously now, it was excellent!

Ken, both in his broadcasting and elsewhere, has always been an enthusiastic ambassador of folk music, particularly for local performers. I thank him for that.
David’s musical contributions were well-chosen, a delight to hear and faultlessly performed.
‘When the Spring has Come’ was a tear-jerker.

Very well done, both.
Thank you.


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Thank you, Colin, for your kind remarks. The cheque's in the post.

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