Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being The Eleventh Of June 2010.

Going Home: David
Sweet Gene Vincent: Ken
Football Crazy: Yvonne
Listening to the Radio: Mike
My Flower, My Companion and Me: Eddie
Tickledew: Mick
10,000 Mile: Anne
Donna, Donna, Donna: Jo
She's Like The Swallow: Lynda
The Shaking of the Pocky/Princess Beatrice: Bill 1:1
Meeting of the Waters: Colin
The Good Old Summertime: Mave
Willy o'Winsbury: David
A Rooster Came Into Our Yard: Ken
I Wonder If Anyone Will Marry Me Now?: Mave
Do You Remember: Mike
Somewhere Along The Road: Eddie
Rambling Pitch Fork: Mick/Mike P.
A Bodhran Solo: Mike P.
Silver Dagger: Anne
Polly Garter's Song: Jo
Stewball Was A Racehorse: Lynda
No Sir, No: Bill 1:1
When All Men Sing: Colin
You & Me (alt. version): David
Farewell: Anne

1 comment:

parkingspaceman said...

Surely, Mike's Bodhrán Solo was entitled "Now's a Good Time to go to the Toilet"?