Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CFC's Short Story Competition ...

CFC participants are invited to create a short and entertaining story/documentary/essay based on one of David’s chronicles of CFC’s song lists on the blog.

Submissions are limited to one per household and must:
  1. Occupy no more than one side of A4 in large print.
  2. Be entirely original and not have been published elsewhere prior to the winning announcement.
  3. Refer to only one specific song list blog post, and allude to at least 50% of the material performed.
  4. Contain no Anglo-Saxon expletives or unforgivable personal abuse.
  5. Be accompanied by a donation of £1.00 to Children in Need.
The winning entry, as adjudged by an unsuspecting volunteer (TBA) who has the time, will be read by the contributor while everyone else eats fish and chips at the Christmas party.

The winner will receive a memorable award from CFC, and be immortalised by having his/her literary efforts published on this blog!

Opening date for entries - 29th October.
Closing date - 19th November. (That's Children in Need evening.)
Announcement - 17th December. (CFC's fish & chip night.)

An inferior example of what is expected, relating to 18th June song list is as follows ...

Of course we noticed you, David.
We also saw William stone Colin.
We witnessed Louise Yannaway cavorting with Les.
The jury's out regarding what Eddie was actually doing with Joan of Arc down by the dockyard wall.

We remain unconvinced that they were bidding farewell to Lynda on her way, over the deep-blue sea, to Philadelphia, while expressing sorrow.

(Submissions from DBS&W and MwP will be immediately disqualified owing to their demonstrable literary incontinence!)

So, watch the blog, or take copious notes when you attend.
It could be YOU!


parkingspaceman said...

Why 'large print'? Have you lost your reading spectacles again?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Because it's meant to be a SHORT story!