Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being the 9th of July 2010.

In The Smoke: David
Greenland Whale Fisheries: Colin/Bill
Stars Fell On Alabama Last Night: George/Paul
St. Louis Tickle: Mick
Say, Old Man: The Stoney Ridge Band
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Margaret
Santiano! : Beatrice/Claire/Anne Marie/Angela
Chawin' Chewin' Gum: Angela
Rocky Top: Roland/Angela/Ken
A British Man o'War: Bob
William Bloat: Ken
The Callico Printer's Clerk: Mave
The Lark In The Morning: Jenny
When Adam Was First Created: Bill 1:1/Colin
Hush-a-by Mountain: Lynda
I'm Only Sleeping: Paul
It Must Be True: David
Twa Corbies: Colin
It Ain't Me Babe: Margaret
Paper Moon: George
Jer The Rigger: Mick
Cripple Creek/Old Joe Clark/Dinah: The Stoney Ridge Band
?: Beatrice/Claire
No Telephone In Heaven: Angela/Roland/Paul
Oh, Champs Elysees: Anne-Marie
When The Moon Steps On Tiptoe: Bob
Henry Martin: Ken
Cathy's Song: Lynda/Mick
Heart Beat: Paul
All For My Grog: The Stoney Ridge Band

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