Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Santiano - (more like this, please ...)

Friday 9th was a well-attended and memorable evening of quality music, not least because Roland and Angela brought along some charming French visitors. I resisted the temptation to sing Drink Old England Dry.

Anne-Marie, assisted by Claire and Beatrice, with some delightful counterpoint from Angela, sang Santiano.
Roland generously distributed text for the chorus.
Despite our appalling accents, we all expectorated 'hiss et ho' with great enthusiasm.
Here it is ...

Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent.
Hiss et ho, Santiano!
Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant,
Nous irons jusqu’a San Francisco.

(Last chorus)
Tiens bon la vague et tiens bon le vent.
Hiss et ho, Santiano!
Sur la mer qui fait le gros dos,
Nous irons jusqu’a San Francisco.

It was so good, I felt it worthy of preservation on the blog.
There are a few renditions on YouTube; click on this one, it's got lyrics: Santiano - Hugues Aufray.
Those who have a penchant for peroxide-blonde males wearing skirts and silver tights might prefer to look at Hugues Aufray/Tri Yann.

(Now, I must go out and buy that bombarde!)


parkingspaceman said...

The male isn't wearing a skirt, but a kilt. This was taken to France by Scots in the days of the Auld Alliance, and the French haven't seen the joke yet (but then, neither have the Scots).

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

I would still advise against that high leg-kicking.
The man's a poser!