Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being The 16th of July 2010.

See Me Run: David
The Oggy Man: Colin
In A Fool's Paradise: Berry
I will Love her till I die : Ged
The Carnival Is Over: Les
The Night Is Young: Eddie
Norwegian Wood: Mick/Paul
The Nights Are Long: Mike
Follow The Heron Home: Cath
Pure Heart: Bill 1:3
I'll Do My Crying In The Rain: Phine
Feel Free: Tony
Lover's Farewell: Angela
Row Bullys Row: Roland
The Cliffs of Duneen: Bill 1:1
She's Like A Swallow: Lucy
Crying, Waiting Hoping: Paul
You & Me: David
? : Colin
I'll Never Find Another You: Berry
Fathom The Bowl: Ged
This Land Is Your Land: Les
Thousands Or More: Eddie
Sad Ending: Mick
Big Boots: Mike P.
Billy Reilly: Cath
The Shirt: Tony
Old Virginny: Angela/Roland
Tiddle Toddle: Bill 1:1
Who Knows Where The Time Goes: Lucy
For No One: Paul//Mick
Beauty Of Cashmire: Ged

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