Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being The 6th of August 2010

If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day: David
People Are Crazy: Les
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor: Adrian
The Glory Of Love: Berry
Jesus Saviour Pilot Me: Jane/David
The Joys Of Love: Margaret
A Song Of Innocence And Experience: Tony
Silky: Josie
Out Of The Blue: Mick
Body And Soul: George
Awake, Awake: Angela
Lonesome Road Blues: Roland
Micheal In The Garden: Paul
Peggy And The Soldier: Anne/Dean
Come Here: David
Bound For South Australia: Les
Montana: Adrian
In Dreams: Berry
A Poor Wayfaring Stranger: Jane/David
Hush Little Baby: Josie
O'Carrolan's Draft: Mick
As Time Goes By: George/Paul
The Birds Were Singing For You: Angela
I'm On My Way To Cannan's Land: Roland/Angela
The Sisters Of Mercy: Paul
Two Butchers/Streets Of Forbes: Anne/Dean

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parkingspaceman said...

It's proper names you have trouble with, innit? Michael, O'Carolan, Canaan...