Sunday, August 8, 2010

Books And Book People.

Between 16th and 21st of August Waterstone's Book Shop (go to Chichester and ask) are hosting a Local Author week style happening.

'Of what possible interest can this be to us?' I hear you say in a slightly aggressive and maybe even condescending  tone.
Well, non other than City Folk Club regular and top hot chick Phine, or Josephine Chia as she's billed in the bumf, will have the cruel spot-light of public scrutiny directed toward her.

Phine, author of such indispensable tomes as 'Your Body', 'Body And Mind Sculpture' & Rasa Singapura/Taste of Singapore will be pleased to flog you a book and, I suspect, will probably sign it while you ask her all sorts of personal questions that are really non of your business.

Be there or be oblong.

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