Saturday, November 6, 2010

Children in Need Update ...

Thank you, everyone!

So far our gathering has generated £68.00 for this charitable enterprise.
Most of that is for sponsored requests. I have collated 42 so far, and one promissory note.
I hope to circulate performers soon after close-of-play next Friday.
Please do not be disappointed if your don't hear your chosen piece on the night, or if you don't have the opportunity to perform. The music will be there in future weeks, but our CiN bank closes at midnight on the 19th.

Many of you have subscribed to Pudsey's sweep-stake, but there are still gaps to be filled.
You stand to win a voucher for £20.00 for HMV.

Then there's the raffle. Only £6.00 so far, and I know we'll do better.
Some desirable prizes have been illustrated in an earlier post.
Here's another one generously provided by Pam and Les ...

There are more promised, and my thanks to those generous people who have already donated/promised prizes.

CiN has always proved an enjoyable evening at the City Folk Club.
This year we will be entertaining some important guests representing the Guiding Movement.
Let's behave well and showcase our talent.

Please be involved.
Throw money, preferably folded.
Don't forget ... SHOW YOUR SPOTS!
Here are mine ...


parkingspaceman said...

The bow tie: these are not official "Children in Need" spots. I'm jealous, nonetheless.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

£14.99 from wwwDOTswaggerandswoonDOTcom
Perhaps I'll donate it as a reffle prize ...

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

OK, PSM, I meant 'RAFFLE'!

parkingspaceman said...

There's no need to SHOUT - especially about your mistakes. We spot those all to readily.

parkingspaceman said...

Did you spot the deliberate mistake?