Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year ...

I wonder if we have a volunteer to lead this song before we leave tomorrow evening?

There will be no fireworks, and we won't be in Sydney.
(Well Annie might be!)
Neither do we anticipate the company of an internationally reknowned symphony orchestra, 'singers and chorus', but traditional choreographic instruction will be welcome.

Now, did you know that Rabbie Burns wrote FIVE verses for this song?
I worry somewhat about "We'll tak a right guid-willie-waught ...", in the final verse!


parkingspaceman said...

It's a pity you didn't use this splendid version, which I would have played on the radio on Thursday, had illness not prevented me.
It's by "The Cast" (Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis), who are every bit as good live as on record. Mairi must have the loveliest voice in folk music today. Anyone want to argue?

parkingspaceman said...

A happy, peaceful and especially healthy (=flu-free) New Year to all at the City Folk Club. I will keep my bugs to myself this e'en, and might partake of a wee dram* and gang early to bed. (I might be tempted to watch Bellowhead on Jools Holland, though).

* a concoction of selected single malts, paracetamol and premier cru cough linctus.