Saturday, January 15, 2011

More thoughts about summer ...

Here’s a date for your diary …
Saturday 25th June 2011.

Many will recall that, in 2008 and 2009, the City Folk Club cruised the Chichester Ship Canal on board M.V. Richmond. A few people expressed regret that we did not repeat the exercise last year.

In response to that disappointment we have chartered the Richmond again for a midsummer’s evening of self-catering entertainment and frivolity.
There will be 36 berths available at £5.00 per head.
Tickets will be available at the club from the beginning of April on a first-come-first-served basis.

There is nothing you need to do now, except to include this date in your calendar.
Details will follow.

So, there’s something to look forward to!


parkingspaceman said...

Is it pertinent to enquire, given recent events, what measures are in place to counter threats such as attack by Somalian pirates? (Not that there's much to be made from ransom demands for any of our lot, although I suggest that if Berry is held for ransom, we refuse absolutely to negotiate with the hostage-takers).

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Be assured:
Owing to CFC's affiliation with a national association that perpetuates folk music, we have insurance.
I will enquire as to whether we are covered for piracy.

Furthermore, in the event of any attack, we will loudly SING.
That should scare them off!

Musically Bent said...

What sort of insurance company would take a business risk on the kind of Folk singing going on around here? Why there have even been death threats made to me. I sing at my own risk & yours - but insurance, nay never! To try and sing while afloat is just another risk too far. How could it be that anyone in such a predicament would sing when all they should be doing is shouting for help? Any key would do.

Brenda May said...

Brenda isn't really speaking to you here. I am an imposter that knows far too much. Nevertheless, I will venture a thing or two that Brenda knows about flat bottoms. Boats that is! There being no keel means such vessels can operate in shallow waters. The downside is that the craft is unstable and quite likely to capsize. This is what really makes insurance so expensive if not impossible to acquire. Should Brenda ever decide to sing, there will be an instant upending of the boat by reason of pain to local residents. Insurance just isn't a safe business proposition you see.

London Apprentice said...

Did I say anything about insurance?