Saturday, March 5, 2011

Being the Fourth of March 2011

It was a bitter night with a fresh polar-continental breeze blowing from the North-East.
The clear, starlit sky, however, encouraged eighteen hardy individuals to don thermal underwear and attend the City Folk Club.

The absence of our usual MC was widely regretted. It is notable that, since accepting the role of orchestrator of our Friday evening activities five (?) years ago, David has been absent on only two previous occasions that I can recall. One of those was the day we sent him and Linda off to a Richard Thompson concert. The other was New Year’s Eve when he was suffering something rather unpleasant that had to do with mucus. That is a truly remarkable record that demonstrates a commitment worthy of our commendation and heartfelt gratitude.

I digress.
Dogsbody took ‘the chair’.
This is what we sang/played:

Johnny be Fine: Colin
She’s Like the Swallow: Lynda
I Left my Heart in San Francisco: Brenda & Berry
If I Could Only Make You Love Me: Berry
Galway Shawl: Eddie
What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor: Lorna & Laura
I Keep Forgetting: Les
Somewhere Along the Road: Laura & Colin
Down in the Boondocks: Ken
Let No Man Steal Away Your Thyme: Mave
Never Any Good: Mike
Spellbound: Mick
I’m on My Way: Richard, Angela & Roland
Let the Mystery be: Angela
Della and the Dealer: Paul

Now, at this juncture, having completed the circle, Dogsbody noticed that people seemed to be acquiring additional layers of clothing, and that Brenda had put on her gloves.
An interval was declared, during which time participants were invited to congregate around any nearby radiator.
“But they’re cold!” was the universal cry.
Indeed they were, even though the electronic console suggested that the central-heating was in ‘continuous’ mode.

CFC is fortunate to have a resident central-heating engineer in the delightful form of Angela. Within minutes warmth was restored; thank you, Angela.
Thus, having regained functional body-temperatures, we continued as follows:

Mingulay Boat Song: Mike, Mick & Colin
Loving and Free: Lynda
The Very Thought of You: Brenda & Berry
The Night is Young: Eddie
New York Girls: Laura & Lorna
Please Don’t Talk About Me when I’m Gone: Berry
Venezuela: Laura & Colin
Margaritaville: Les
Donegal Danny: Ken
Frying in the Rain: Mave
Elizabeth (or Catherine) Kerry’s, or Wandering Spirit: Mick & Mike
Sweet Fern: Angela, Roland & Richard
Little Bitty Tear: Paul
When the Saints …: Angela, Roland, Richard & full cast.

Then, after clearing up the room, (thanks to everybody,) we all went home.

And nobody had to …errr … get the bus!


parkingspaceman said...

There's no 'u' in 'Margaritaville', and 'Bitter' should be 'Bitty', Eddie's second song was 'The Night is Young'. Otherwise, spelling and punctuation look pretty fair, with the exception of the hyphen in "electronic-console": it strikes me as odd and unnecessary to join a noun to its sole adjective in this way.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Noted, and corrected.
Thank you!

parkingspaceman said...

WOT?!! No backchat, no insults, no obscure ramblings/red herrings? Ah, you must be busy.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

“No backchat, no insults, no obscure ramblings/red herrings …”
I confess to obscure ramblings – that’s one of my hobbies.
I know a song about a red herring.
(That sentence is a red herring.)
Verily, I occasionally indulge in backchat, but insults and interpersonal abuse do not belong in this public domain.
Wait till I see you for those!