Thursday, March 24, 2011

That Was Red Nose Day That Was

Despite Dogsbody foisting his 'herring substitute' off on an unsuspecting Lucy, (Dogsbody was canned as well as the pilchards), we had a jolly fine evening. Bill 1:*'/;-?1 was particularly venomous with his "Thou lie!" responses and was forced to retreat at speed at one point, and the spot prizes were liberally distributed by Dogsbody, (some with dedications which were more of a swipe at their partners, harumph). On the money side: Lynda donated sweets, which we enjoyed for a donation; the Pick a Pose sweepstake sold out and Pam & Les got half the readies (the rest to Comic Relief); the pot contributions were donated to Comic Relief. Proceeds from the above, plus a further contribution from the Club, a hefty bump-up from a Wiltshire resident (in the area for the day, but had a better offer on the night) - and not forgetting the Far East contributor also - brought the total donated to Comic Relief to £165! Well, well, well, everything: I think we done well with our jolly herring, sorry, RedCityFolkNoseClubDay. Thank you, City Folk Clubbers, once again, for your generosity - and your music.


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

That's all very well but what has it to do with being mean and ungracious? If you think this sort of thing is redeeming in the eyes of the all knowing and all seeing - I can tell you it's not enough to make up for the sorry trail you sinners have left in your wake. I'm gonna explain to my London Apprentice (who is now inseperable from myself) how to live a better meaner lifestyle. So I will.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

And a big THANK YOU to you, Ken, for instigating this activity, and for taking charge of all that money!
Also to David for his indulgence of the bizarre and unexpected.
And to Lynda for the sweeties.
Thanks, also, to everyone who joined in that silly fishy song with such enthusiasm.
Indeed, thanks to you all!