Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being The 15th April 2011 ...

Sixteen people attended the City Folk Club for another cosy evening.
Here's what we did:

A Week Before Easter: Paul & Colin
I Can't Help Falling in Love with You: David
April Come She Will: Lucy
Fly Me to the Moon: Brenda & Berry
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Roland & Colin
Darling Nellie Across the Sea: Angela
People Will Say We're in Love: Berry & the music machine
Lost Lover Blues: Roger
Ohio River Boat Song: Jane R. & David
Amoreuse (?): Lynda
May You Never Have to Run (?): Mike
Zeppelin: Mick
Director's Chair: Lorna
The Unquiet Grave: Jane & Colin
I'll See You in my Dreams: David
And the Reason is (?): Paul
Floating Down the Dream River: Lucy & Roger
La Vie en Rose: Brenda & Berry
I Wish I Were a Mole in the Ground: Angela
Take These Chains from my Heart: Berry & Paul
Owl and the Pussycat: Roger
Waiting to Hold You (?): Jane R. & David
When the Spring has Come: David, Mick & Roger
Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
Catch the Wind: Mike
'Slowish Slip-Jig': Mick & Mike
South Sea Crumble: Lorna
Babes in the Wood: Jane & Colin
Delta Dawn: Lucy & Paul

Everyone had a wonderful time, and we all went home with happy feelings.
Importantly, nobody had to apologise!

P.S. Jane - the one who has the great misfortune of being married to Dogsbody - wishes to thank everyone at CFC who has undertaken to sponsor her forthcoming charitable bike-ride in aid of Action Medical Research. She promises to attend again in the near future to collect your money!

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London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

What an evening! The high standard was intimidating. Of course we know what and whom it was that made it so. Unfortunately, as I already face litigation for libel from last week it is not sensible for me to say any more. However, everyone knows why anyway.
It will be difficult to top such an evening, unless that is, some way can be found of distracting ......! Look I really must stop now.