Thursday, April 21, 2011

Greetings from Budapest

Now, just because Dogsbody is away tomorrow doesn't mean you can misbehave.

My mobile phone has given up the ghost, so I can't send a text message to Lynda to remind her to count people, collect money and turn the central heating back to 'auto' before vacating the hall.
Perhaps someone will be kind enough to remind her.

Jane and I marginally enjoyed an evening cruise with dinner on the Danube yesterday evening.
Believe me, our club's canal trip will be much more fun. Our own sandwiches will be better and the entire exercise will be far more economic.
Only four spaces left!

(Apologies for any spelling mistakes. This Hungarian machine fails to recognise any words I have written, and declines to close brackets!(% ... ) THERE!

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jane.stemp said...

Did you know that Hungarian's closest relative is Finnish?

Enjoy your travels...