Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being The 20th May, 2011 ...

This was a different and delightful evening, largely because Angela occupied the MC's chair.
Angela is much prettier than the usual incumbent.
Here she is:

(Photo courtesy of Mr. B. Greene, cropped by, and published by permission.)

Two new ladies turned up, Catherine and Patsy.
They rapidly got the idea of what goes on, and contributed admirably to the music and our entertainment.

Down to business promptly ...

A Mole in the Ground: Angela
The Green Grove: Roland
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night: Lynda
Castle of Drumore: John
[A song by Ralph McTell]: Catherine
Aunt Tessy's White Horse: Lorna
Time Drags by Real Slow: Berry
In the Mood: Mick W.
Baby Take Your Time: Mick T. & Marion
I'll Lay You Down: Eddie
The Musical Lovers: Colin
Yellow Roses: Angela
The Flying Cloud: Roland
Never, oh Never Again: Lynda
Lay Me Down Lowly: John
Chocolate Song: Catherine
Lord Franklin: Ken
The Rope Waltz: Lorna
Mull of Kintyre/Together/Sailing my Balloon: Berry
(Accurately described by Lynda as 'a compote of Berry's'!)
When the Ship Comes in: Ken
I Live in Trafalgar Square: Mave
My Darling Asleep/Walls of (?): Mick W.
Hard Times: Mick T. & Marion
The Night is Young: Eddie
Dancing at Whitsun: Colin
Little Boy Billy: Angela
Ship in Distress: Roland
Dainty Davey: Lynda
I Cannot Come to the Banquet: Catherine
(Enigmatically, this offering contained the lyric: 'I have married a cow and bought me a wife!')
Only You: Patsy & Catherine
Captain Pugwash: Lorna
Don't Think Twice: Berry
Poisoning Pigeons in the Park: Ken
Last Train from Bacup: Mave
When Kings Come Home: Mick W.
You Are my Sunshine: Mick & Marion

Very many thanks to Angela.
Her experience at dealing with unruly children ably equipped her for keeping several adult (?) reprobates in order.


parkingspaceman said...

There is a glaring omission from this list: When Kings Come Home- Mick Wills' evocative guitar piece. Also, the correct title is "When the Ship Comes In", (and not The Hour That... ). I am surprised that DS&W didn't, as usual, entitle or refer to 'Lord Franklin' as 'Lady Franklin's Lament'. The version, allegedly from Sam Henry in Voice of the People, (although I can find no SH and no Franklin in VOTP), carries more of the Lady's words and feelings than the more well-known one (as done by M Carthy), which was why I decided to attempt it. Still, 10 out of 10 for promptness of posting, and Angela's picture.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Corrected and amended thanks to PSM.
"When King's Come Home" was only omitted because Dogsbody was otherwise occupied during that performance. (Don't ask!)
I left "Lord Franklin" unedited for the sake of brevity, but thank you for the enlightenment. (At least it wasn't more parody!)

parkingspaceman said...

Parody is a noble art, unjustly vilified by DBS&Howsyourfather, who must be made to appreciate the form, by dint of frequent- and over-exposure, if need be. I'll larn 'im!