Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being The 6th May, 2011

In the absence of two much-loved mutual hecklers it was a quietish evening at the City Folk Club.

Here's what Ken and Berry missed ...

Oh, Balloon: David
Searching for Lambs: Colin
Birds: Lynda
Journey of the Sorcerer: Mick
April Come She Will/Kathy's Song: Mike
Lord Franklin in (C-sharp!): Roland
The Yorkshire Couple: Angela
Jumping Joan: Lorna
Brown Adam: Laura & Colin
Letiing Go: Les
Mollymauk: Jane W.
Behind the Wall: Lucy
I'll Be There: Paul
Ukulele Lady: David
The Grenadier and the Lady: Colin
Maid of Culmore: Lynda
Breton Gavottes: Mick & Mike
Anchorage: Mike
Oh Good Ale: Roland
East Virginia: Angela
Road to Boston: Lorna
Lady Came from Baltimore: Laura
Trashy Woman: Les
Once I had a Sweetheart: Jane W.
Merrimack County*: Lucy & Paul
Heartbeat: Paul
Twenty-four Hours from Tulsa: David
Long Pegging Awl: Colin
Bound for the Mountains and the Sea: Lynda
Rag (?): Mick
Miss Ohio: Mike
No Sorrow There: Angela
Farewell Shanty: Paul

Everyone sent healing vibrations to Jane R, and wished her well for a speedy recovery from her recent surgery.

*Those of you who were regrettably absent were denied a stunning performance.
It can be viewed by clicking this link: David's track of the week.


parkingspaceman said...

Hey, BG! I think they missed us!

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

There are certain people whose absence on a Friday evening creates a void that is bigger than their physical presence.
When two such people are missing, then the hole is greater than the sum of their parts.

parkingspaceman said...

I will not fall into the trap of asking what kind of hole you think we are. As to the sum of my parts, let's just say that I think I have the usual number.