Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jane R is indisposed

Jane Renshaw is in St. Richard's, likely undergoing an operation. On behalf of the City Folk Club, I'd like to wish her a speedy recovery, and a swift return to singing at the Club.
I sent her good wishes on behalf of the club over the Hospital Radio this evening, but I don't know whether she was able to hear them. She's on Fishbourne ward. Visiting hours on wards at St. Richard’s Hospital are: 3pm to 5pm, and 6.30pm to 8pm each day. Phone your request to 01243 788122 x3000, email, or drop a note through the Studio door (next to the West ward block).
Ken Hobbs.


Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Thank you, Ken.

Jane said...

I was in fact in surgery at the very same time as your radio show, following a week (or most of it) of feeling very poorly indeed.
I'm sure your radio waved good wishes Ken, are one of the reasons it all went well and that I'm now at home (still rather indisposed) but recovering.
Thanks so much and I hope I get to hear the show I missed whilst having nasty unmentionable infected innards removed. There! I bet that made your evening snack tastier. (Sorry)
Love Jane

Brenda May said...

Berry & myself are sorry to hear about your illness Jane and wish you a speedy recovery.
Berry wanted to warn you about Ken's radio show but it was too late. The hospital always try to arrange for their patients to be in the operating theatre when their requests are played on Ken's show as they find it can damage their recovery. You should be safely immune from it where you are as it's miles out of range!

parkingspaceman said...

B****r! Just when I thought I would double my listnership, they whisk her away for a enforced nap. Tch! Can't help but think Jane's believing that radio-ed good wishes caused the op to go well smacks rather unheathily of primitive superstition. It's Mack the Knife you should thank, I think. Mave and I hope Jane's recovery continues apace, and I'll give her a recording of the show, but only when I'm sure there's no possibility of a relapse.