Saturday, July 2, 2011

Being The 1st July, 2011

A sufficient number of people abandoned watching Wimbledon on their television sets to generate a quorum at the City Folk Club.
(A 'quorum' means that we can pay the rent.)

Three delightful ladies, Lynda, Laura and Margaret turned up early.
They ran out of things to talk about so they sang songs before anyone else arrived:
Meet me on the Corner
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Dogsbody was enchanted.

Paul graciously accepted the badge of authority as MC.
Here is the noble countenance that shined upon us:

The recently designed badge appears thus:

Then we got under way:

You are the New Day: Colin
La Vie en Rose (en Fran├žais!): Laura
Stewball: Lynda
Copper Kettle: Margaret
Hold on Tight to Your Dreams: Berry
Shall I Tell you about my Life: Roger
Bermuda Triangle Exit: Mick
The Jolly Waggoner: Nigel
Lovely Joan: Jane W.
Raining in my Heart: Paul
Tougher than Most: John
Spencer the Rover: Colin
The Flagship: Laura
She's Like the Swallow: Lynda
Black is the Colour: Margaret
It's All Just Talk: John
You Won't See Me: Berry
Romeo and Juliet: Roger
St. Louis Tickle: Mick
The Oggie Man: Nigel
The Song of Gilgalad: Jane W.
Your Mother and I: Paul
Banks of Sweet Primeroses: Colin
I'll Get Over You: Laura
Kathy's Song: Lynda
The River is Wide: Margaret
I'll be Your Sweetheart: Berry
Lay me down a Pallet on your Floor: Roger
Harvest Home/Kilomona Barn Dance: Mick
La chanson des vieux amants (Song for old lovers): Jane W.
I Wish I Knew You Before: Paul
Here's a Health to the Company: Colin
Down in the Easy Chair: Laura
Caleb Myer: Lynda
Rolling Home: Nigel

Then, in happy and contented spirits, we all rolled home!


parkingspaceman said...

Why hasn't anybody commented on this post? That must surely be the ultimate indignity.

Jane Stemp said...

Citation as requested:

La chanson des vieux amants (Song for old lovers). Jacques Brel did it better...

Jane Stemp said...

that's me, Jane W, cunningly disguised, by the way...

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Many thanks for the enlightenment, Jane.
Main post has been amended.