Monday, July 11, 2011

Folk on the Meadow ...

It went rather well.

Thank you to those twelve CFC participants who came along to the picnic at The Old Bridge Meadow in Bosham on Sunday 10th.
I was particularly pleased to welcome Frank, an all-too-infrequent visitor to CFC gatherings.
Here’s Frank …

Bill played his mandolin …

Then Bill fiddled. Click - waltz & pugwash
You’ll find Les singing about flowers here –

Fortunately, we were blessed with fine weather and all musicians performed as excellent advocates for what we do at the club.

Brian, (chairperson of the meadow friends,) came along with his wife, Audrey.
Rachel, (hon. sec.) came along with strawberries and ice-cream!
Other local people wandered along and some delightful youngsters plied us with biscuits.
One lady even made a request that Paul fulfilled with his customary aplomb.
(No, that is not a rustic metaphor!)

Brian welcomed us warmly, and he was enchanted by Mave’s rendition of The Boy I Love. Mave obliged us all with an encore.
Then Brian kissed Audrey ... click -> to play:

Thank you, Friends of the Old Bridge Meadow.
Thank you, everyone who abandoned the British Grand Prix to come along.

A conversation that Jane had with Brian included the questioning phrase: "Next year ... ?"
Hmmmm ...!

Brian wrote to me later as follows:
"So many thanks to you and your friends for a wonderful afternoon;  truly magical! It was of even more special for Audrey & I."


parkingspaceman said...

Doesn't this really belong on the blog: "What We Did On Sunday"?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

But PSM wasn't there!

parkingspaceman said...

So? Couldn't you simply answer the question? Are you always this obtuse? (No replies expected).