Saturday, September 17, 2011

Being The 16th of September, 2011 ...

Angela demonstrated authority and took control with the bell tree ...

Despite that there was much frivolity, lively banter
... and music!

The Beard Song: Angela
The 'Prentice Song: Roland
The Bergen: Colin
150 Days Out From Vancouver: Eddie
Dance Me to the End of Love: Jane & Roger
I Need your Love so bad: Roger
Adieu to Old England: Mave
Such Usage in Heaven: Ken
(I stand corrected. Ken's song was entitled 'Little Vagabond'.)
Life Gets Tee-jus: Tony
Farewell to Tarwaithie: David
Spellbound: Mick
Make Believe you Love me one more time: Phine
Country Roads: Gerry
The House that Jack Built: Paul
Look What They've Done to my Song: Lynda
I am Weary, Let me Rest: Angela, Roland & Colin
Dancing with You: Eddie
Young Roger Esquire: Roland
I Live not where I Love: Colin
Jolene: Jane & Roger
Lay me Down a Pallet on your Floor: Roger
Frying in the Rain: Mave
Lord Franklin (according to Les Barker): Ken
Good Night my Angel: David
Three Polkas: Mick
Bye Bye Love: Gerry
Dream Seller: Lynda & Paul
Moonshadow: Paul

Then we all went home for some peace and quiet.


parkingspaceman said...

Not 'Such Usage...' but 'Little Vagabond' - the title of the William Blake poem (surely you knew that?). I did this in August, but you were away, so I'll let you off the memory aspect, but on the English Literature count (with local relevance), you're surely culpable.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Corrected, with apologies and gratitude to PSM.